Important tips for buying school shoes for kids

But the real question that arises for parents is whether to purchase buckles, velcro or laces and how to buy the right pair of shoes for their kids to fit them well without any foot injuries? It’s an annual struggle every parent has to face for the school-aged kids.

Are you also in this dilemma and want clear insights to make a better decision while buying shoes for your children?

With the help of this article, you will build a proper understanding of how to buy the right school shoes for your kids.

Check the correct size and fitting of the kids’ shoes.

A good shoe that fits properly is very important in maintaining the health of the feet. The bones in the kids feet don’t fuse together until puberty. In such cases, wrong-sized shoes can make their bones flat or cause back pain. Furthermore, kids’ feet grow quickly which results in frequent changes in their foot size. Hence, timely measurements and the right fitted shoes are essential for your kids’ growth. There are certain ways to check the overall fitting of your kids’ foot into the footwear which includes:

Measure twice- Always measure both of the children’s feet two times to get accurate measurements.
Mind the gap- Ensure that there is enough gap between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. This gap can be half of the width of your thumb.
No pain- Your kids should not feel the pain or pressure points right after wearing the school shoes. If they do then choose a bigger size than before.
Don’t buy a larger size- Never feel tempted to buy a larger size than the actual one. It will increase the chances of falling and getting injured.

Features of good school shoes.

The best kind of school shoes are the ones that are durable, supportive and comfortable after wearing. Certain other things to look for are mentioned below:

Flexibility is the most essential element of a perfect pair of school shoes. To check it, try to bend the shoes by pushing the toe upwards. However, keep in mind to not consider too much flexible shoes as they will lose firmness and lack in giving support.
Shoes must be lightweight which can be worn easily for long hours.
The insole should be soft and made from absorbent fabric to reduce seating and ensure a tight grip.
Shoes with a small heel are also preferable. It helps to keep the foot in a neutral position.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you must also consider the appropriate time to buy new shoes. Like, wear and tear, scuff marks etc, are some indications to provide your kids with a new pair of school shoes.

Velcros, buckles, and shoelaces all are equally good. Hence, you can buy any of them, just avoid slip-on shoes which cannot be adjusted. Furthermore, buying from a reliable store also matters while selecting the best pair for your children. These stores offer high-quality leather footwear with a good grip and user experience. You can try nearby showrooms of reputed shoe brands like Relaxo to never compromise on your kids’ health and footwear standards.

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